Introduction of color dress production[vol.2]



Introducing collaboration work.
New brand ituwa by UNO DESIGN.
I made 3 kinds of colors for the dresses.

I was invited to their exhibition in Kyoto and was impressed to see the finished products.
I’m glad to think that some people will wear this dress for their wedding.
Thank you UNO DESIGN!
Theme of the color “A piece of light”
After discussing the color theme with Mr. Uno, I made a lot of color images ※Mr. Uno designed and arranged the dress.
Let me update on how things are going.
The other day, I received a thank-you letter from the family who delivered the custom-made color painting.
I’m glad I continued this activity by reading the sentences.

Communication of the mind is the purpose of my activity, so it makes me happy to realize it.

It’s raining in Kyoto today.Have a nice colorful day.
Thank you.